Under stairs space ideas

Sometimes that wedged space under the stairs can be a safe haven for some of our unwanted items or just an empty space yearning to be used in a proper manner. There are endless possibilities of transforming this underrated space. From a cozy home office to a more sophisticated temperature-controlled wine cellar. This space is very versatile and you can make it to be anything you want. Here are a few ideas for space under stairs that you can incorporate in your home.

Play house

You don’t have a playroom for your little munchkins? No problem! One of the modern under stairs ideas is to convert this space into a playhouse for your kids. You can carefully curve out a door under the stairs then add some toy storage racks and perhaps a black board and a soft rug to give the room a cozy look.


This is a great place to have a toilet and a sink neatly tucked away. What’s more, it would be more accessible to your guests since this is a general area. This is an ideal place to quickly clean your hands as you walk into the house or to just use the loo. You can also visit (http://journal.tylko.com/6-creative-ideas-how-to-use-space-under-the-stairs/) to get more ideas on how to utilize the space under the stairs.

Under stairs shoe storage

Creating storage underneath your stairs for your stairs is just one of the perfect ways of utilizing that space. This space is ideal for storing your shoes since most of these spaces are close to the front door. You can opt to have custom made shoe racks under the stairs or buy a ready-made shoe cabinet to fit your storage needs.

Under stairs ideas in living room

Some homes have the stairs facing the living room and the space underneath can be creatively transformed to have it look as though it is part of the living room. For instance, you can have the space carefully curved out into a beautiful art display or even transform it to an electric fireplace.

Book storage

Your books deserve to be stored in a beautiful manner and utilizing the space under the stairs for book storage would be a great idea. Just incorporate some bookcases and shelves to make use of the available space.

More under stairs ideas

  • Convert it into a utility room
  • You can transform it into a home bar
  • Can easily be transformed into a kitchen pantry